Next-generation screenshot tool.

Host your own server to upload your screenshots or pictures, and share them. It's as easy as it gets!

Why Scinna ?

While we love ShareX, by creating Scinna we tried to fix everything that we wanted and did not exist in it.

Mainly Linux but also supports OS X, Windows, Android and iOS.
For privacy and preservation purposes. Also features a web-ui to use it without any client.
Your domain
You can use your domain to have clean and professionnal-looking links like
Plugins !
The toolbox in ShareX is amazing. That's the perfect place to have such small tools but we wanted to be able to extend it.
Also opensource

Scinnapse is the PC / Mac client that lets you take screenshots. As of now, it's a WIP and not ready to download at all.


Scinna is the server bundle that let you self-host your screenshots. There is a tutorial below.


Scinnamon is the Android / iOS companion app that let you upload picture and manage your account. Not available yet.

Setting Scinna up

So you're ready to set your own instance up ?

Take a look at our wiki on Github where everything is explained.

If you need help, don't hesitate to join the community on discord

Want to contribute ?
Take a look at our Github
Report a bug ? A suggestion ?

Post an issue on Github

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